Global South Studies Series (GSSS)

GSSS is the Online Publication of Jindal Centre for the Global South (JCGS), a research centre affiliated to the School of International Affairs (JSIA) at O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana-India.

It draws researchers from across the faculties of social sciences and humanities from inside and outside JGU.

JCGS conducts policy-oriented research, dialogue and training into the social, economic and political key issues across countries of the Global South with a special emphasis on South-South Cooperation and its underpinning development opportunities for the Global South countries.

The Centre promotes the unity of the South in achieving the SDGs while recognizing the diversity of national interests and priorities.

Jindal Centre for the Global South works on a wide range of issues relevant to the developing countries, such as development policies, sustainable development, development finance, climate change, global governance, economic and social development, South-South Cooperation, global economic conditions, technology transfer, access to knowledge, international trade, health, and food security.

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