Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly poverty eradication, requires national policies, international and regional cooperation that supports development efforts. The research Centres that are focusing on the Global South studies are very few in the Southern globe in comparison to their number in the North countries. Jindal Centre for the Global South aims to fill this gap and conducts policy-oriented research, dialogue and training into the social, economic and political key issues across countries of the Global South with a special emphasis on South-South Cooperation and its underpinning development opportunities for the Global South countries. The Centre promotes the unity of the South in achieving the SDGs while recognizing the diversity of national interests and priorities.

Jindal Centre for the Global South is affiliated to the School of International Affairs at Jindal Global University (JGU). It draws researchers from across the faculties of social sciences and humanities from inside and outside JGU.


In regard to the aspiration of JGU to become a “Global” university, it was imperative to have a research Centre dedicated to studying all issues related to challenges facing the “Global South”. Jindal Centre for the Global South brings research expertise together at Jindal Global University in relation to the Global South, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation among faculties, researchers and students in India and internationally.

The primary objective of the Jindal Centre for the Global South is to become a Centre of excellence that brings together well-established and internationally renowned area of studies focusing on Global South Studies and South-South Cooperation. By bringing together faculty from a variety of disciplines across the social sciences and humanities inside and outside JGU, Jindal Centre for the Global South aims to:

  1. Further and promote top-level international research on Global South studies, development finance, and South-South Cooperation.
  1. Become a national, and international hub of intellectual that emphasizes creativity and innovation that provides innovative solutions to the Global South.


Jindal Centre for the Global South works on a wide range of issues relevant to the developing countries, such as development policies, sustainable development, development finance, climate change, global governance, economic and social development, South-South Cooperation, global economic conditions, technology transfer, access to knowledge, international trade, health and food security.


I. Courses: JCGS organizes the following courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s students:
1. International Development Finance and South-South Cooperation, 2. The political economy of Africa, (3). Politics of Developing Nations, (4). International Political Economy: Topics on Development and Latin America (5). Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and (6). The Politics of Development.
II. Research and Publications: Developing a strong research agenda focused around three key themes:
A. Addressing Global South development challenges. B. Assessing the role of South-South Cooperation in addressing the 2030’s Global Agenda for sustainable development. C. Mapping innovative finance for development mechanisms.
III. Conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events: Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events like public lectures and reading sessions.
IV. Active Collaboration: Build a strong network with other national and international Global South studies and South-South Cooperation research institutions inside and outside India, in order to share ideas and to promote the active exchange of research scholars and students (i.e. institutions from India -RIS, and international institutions- Institute for Global Dialogue in South Africa).

Executive Director of the Centre

Dr. Hebatallah Adam
Assistant Professor of Economics
Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA)
O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU)
Sonipat Narela Road, Near Jagdishpur Village.
Haryana – 131 001, India

Advisory Board

Ambassador. Dr. Mohan Kumar, Professor and Vice Dean at Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA)
Dr. Milindo Chakrabarti, Professor of Economics at Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP)

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