• To act in a balanced, objective, and fairway in carrying out editorial duties, without bias or discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, or geographical origin of the journal authors. 
  • To reject or accept articles for publication, including “desk rejections” when applicable, and to acknowledge their authority and responsibility for so doing. 
  • To recognize potential conflicts of interest with regard to individual submissions and to take appropriate action to ensure that these conflicts do not affect a submission’s consideration for publication, acceptance, or rejection. 
  • To preserve the anonymity of the journal peer reviewers and/or journal authors, depending on the journal’s peer-review process. 
  • To communicate the status of consideration and to share comments and/or peer reviews with the journal authors and to provide a decision within a reasonable peer review period. 
  • If a material error is found, to promote the publication of a correction or retraction as appropriate and feasible. 
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