A Tragic Tale of Conflict, Hunger and Power in Yemen

By Vidushi Lakhera
Middle East is historically known for being at war and having conflicts over regional, religious and ideological rivalries. These conflicts have caused Political instability and interminable human suffering but Yemen, one of the poorest countries in West Asia, represent a contemporary example of possibly the worst humanitarian crisis in history. It has been in the grip of Civil war since 2014...

Humanitarian effects on the desertification of the Sahel in Africa

By Tejas Vir Singh
Desertification refers to the degradation caused to land by various factors, including climate change, deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, political instability or even poverty (Britannica). The rate of this degradation has increased around 30 to 35 times than the historical rate (Nunez, 2019), largely due to rapid urbanisation, mining and agricultural activities, where vegetation is cleared away for crops or buildings, which leads to soil erosion. This leads to the soil not being able to retain water or plants...

A Future for Queer Youths in the Global South

By Shagun Thapliyal
The queer community has been fighting for their rights, ranging from education to legal unions across the whole world. Countries in the Global North have taken needful measures to tackle challenges faced by the community. This article will evaluate the factors causing the barriers for Queer persons in breaking into the job market, the challenges faced by the community and analyse the steps or provisions taken by policymakers and companies for inclusion of the LGBTQIA+...


By Vidushi Lakhera
The South Asia region which has historically been colonized for decades by Imperialist powers like Britain, France and Portuguese, who plundered the wealth of these Nations to maintain their hegemony and economic stability. Leaving south Asian nations with multiple challenges like Poverty...

Climate refugees of North-East India

By Rehet Bains
Every country continues to feel the strong impact of climate change, but some countries are targets of the worsening climate more than others. Climate change has been a rising issue since before the start of the 21st century, and it happens to affect the Global South much more than the Global north...

The Plight of Uyghurs in Xinjiang

By Tanveer Malik
Since 2017, the Chinese government has started rounding up the Uyghur population of Xinjiang province into secret internment camps. The Uyghurs are a religious minority in China. They are Muslims and have a Turkish ethnicity as compared to the majority of Han Chinese living in China..,